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Welcome to the E-Infectious Diseases blog! Welcome to the young site E-Infectious Diseases / Vironotes, created in June 2020.

Discover here many articles on viruses, bacteria,… written (in French) by students of varied academic backgrounds but passionate about microbiology and wishing to share this knowledge. If you want to learn about the epidemiology of SARS-COV-2, zoonoses, pandemics in history, or learn more about mind-control parasites,  the structure of viruses or the viruses of which we are made, you’ve come to the right place! You will change your perspective on microorganisms. These are not all pathogenic and can be beneficial. Some of them even have large-scale effects: impact on the climate for example! We also offer thematic articles grouped together in the form of a magazine. For example, on World AIDS Day, we wrote different articles on HIV, from its history to its biology.

VIH – Histoire, Biologie, Prevention


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Source : http://barthes.enssib.fr/coronavirus/cartes/Rmonde/ (by Eric Guichard, Antoine Chemardin & Patrice Abry)

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